To Stay Young, Kill Zombie Cells
To Stay Young, Kill Zombie Cells as an An anti-aging strategy that works in mice is about to be tested in humans. Jan van Deursen was baffled by the decrepit-looking transgenic mice he created in 2000. Instead of developing tumours as expected, the mice experienced a stranger malady. By the time they were three months old, their fur had grown thin and their eyes were glazed with cataracts. It took him years to work out why: the mice were ageing rapidly, their bodies clogged with a strange type of cell that did not divide, but that wouldn’t die. That gave van Deursen and his colleagues at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, an idea: could killing off these ‘zombie’ cells in the mice delay their premature descent into old age? The answer was yes. In a 2011 study, the team found that eliminating these ‘senescent’ cells forestalled many of the ravages of age. The discovery set off a spate of similar findings. In the seven years since, dozens of experiments have confirmed that senescent cells accumulate in ageing organs, and that eliminating them can alleviate, or even prevent, certain illnesses (see ‘Becoming undead’). This year alone, clearing the cells in mice has been shown to restore fitness, fur density and kidney function. It has also improved lung disease and even mended damaged cartilage. And in a 2016 study, it seemed to extend the lifespan of normally ageing mice. “Just by removing senescent cells, you could stimulate new tissue production,” says Jennifer Elisseeff, senior (more…)

British industry faces an energy cost crisis – and it is set to grow
British industry faces an energy cost crisis – and it is set to grow according to Jillian Ambrose  in the Telegraph. 29 OCTOBER 2017 • 7:39PM Behind the political battles over household bills lurks a far greater energy cost crisis. It risks damaging British industry and undermining attempts to boost productivity after Brexit. Households are paying more for clean power than they should, but official data shows UK bills are still below average compared to the EU. The picture is more worrying for industrial and commercial customers. In this league table UK businesses pay well above the average. The cost burden they bear is second only to Denmark. The issue is under discussion at the Treasury. Officials are clear that for the UK to attract inward investment the country needs to be competitive on energy costs, even while taking action to reduce carbon emissions. “This is why the Government has commissioned an independent review into the cost of energy led by Prof Dieter Helm … to deliver the Government’s carbon targets and ensure security of supply at minimum cost to both industry and domestic consumers,” the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said earlier this year. The Helm review concluded that bungled policymaking and Governmental tinkering has meant the UK is paying “significantly” more than it should. Andrew Buckley, a director at the Major Energy Users Council (MEUC), agrees. “The report refers to decarbonisation and social policies making up 20pc of bills,” he says. “For our members we calculate that (more…)

Re Building taking Place

Our move into the new premises will take place at the end January 2017. We would like to encourage you to register with us to see the full content of our posts and blog. New User RegistrationChoose a Username*First Name*Last Name*City*State*Zip*Country*Email*Confirm Email*Password*Confirm Password**Required field This time into Kingston House in Bond Street Hull. K2 Bond Street is the company who will provide office accommodation. Request a Tour Live.Work.Eat.Sleep. A revolutionary space, designed for a thriving, modern city – here to bring businesses, creative professionals, residents and visitors together. Experience K2 – a pioneering multi-space complex in the heart of Hull. Live – one and two bedroom serviced apartments Work – a modern business centre, serviced offices and co-working memberships Eat – cafés, bars and restaurants Sleep – Hull’s luxury city centre hotel K2 – A Space for Business. Business thrives at K2. High-end serviced offices sit alongside contemporary co-working facilities in a new concept workspace for Hull. ANNOUNCEMENT K2 Space Works is offering a prize to the next 5 companies signing into K2.  Choose from; free Soft skills courses in; Business, Management, Leadership, HR and Personal Development. Coming Soon – so watch this space To selected applicants. Contact us for terms. If you are interested in putting your name down for a place probably from mid-January 2018 then send us an email using the Contact us form below. So keep watching for new training courses and don’t forget we have a funding site to help SME’s to get funding for their businesses. Name(required) Email(required) Website Message Share (more…)

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