Xtreme Business Program

Xtreme Business Program

“How to EXPLODE Your Sales and Profits, Get Customers by The Bucketful, And Keep Them Coming Back for More”

At last! A Simple Step by Step Sales and Marketing Program. That Anyone Can Apply to Their Business – No Matter What Your Experience. No Matter What Product or Service You Sell, And No Matter How Fierce the Competition Is…

The Xtreme Business Program© is the first program of its kind that acts as your personal mentor. And fast tracks you and your business to reach your goals and aspirations. You, yes you, can do it when you follow this “paint-by-numbers” Program…

Do not lose Your Business because you did not read this report. 




my name is Dr Michael John Freestone. My contacts call me Michael and my friends call me Doc.

I’m a Marketing Professional, Performance Improvement Specialist, with an Advanced Digital Marketing Diploma and a Master of Business Administration In Marketing and a Doctorate in Business Administration passed summa cum laude, with a Distinction in Business Finance.

My team and I use a very successful, almost foolproof Program to grow any small or medium-sized business.

Enough about me. This is all about You.

In your heart, you know you have a good business. That’s important. You know you can help people solve their problems. You feel you deserve to be making more money – after all other people can do it – why not you?

Unfortunately, having a good product or service simply isn’t enough to guarantee your success.

In fact…


You see, mediocre products and services can and do make people rich, on one condition – the business owners can market and sell their products or services effectively.


Let me explain

  1. Despite having a good product or service, you admit you lack the know-how to effectively grow your business
  2. You’re exasperated by the results of many of your marketing efforts – they just aren’t producing the results you expected. Or your marketing is producing leads for your business – you just can’t convert many of them into customers
  3. You are probably frustrated, unhappy, maybe even disgusted with how little take-home money you get from your business
  4. You are working all hours, but have little to show for it.
  5. Competition is rife, and quite frankly you don’t know what to do about it
  6. You detest “cheapest price/fee” competition, yet you find yourself caught between charging enough to make a decent living, and as little to secure the business
  7. You are concerned about the fact that you have to worry about where the next job or client will come from just to pay the bills. Your business may have grown, there may even be more income, but it’s still not translating into wealth or income for you and your family
  8. You would be delighted to do less work, especially less hard work, but make more money
  9. You’ve got some customers, but they aren’t profitable. In fact, you can’t seem to get much money out of them at all, after the first piece of work you do for them.  Almost all these possible reasons for replying are caused by this

Xtreme Business Program



If you’ve already admitted you personally suffer from this admittedly common flaw, then we think you’re going to enjoy reading the rest of this report.

So let’s get back to the problem and break it down further…

Over many years, working with our Expert Professional Marketing Teams and summarizing Client experiences, we recognised 4 BIG and critical sales and marketing concepts that were MISSING from businesses that weren’t as successful as they should be.

 The original do-it-yourself program, which you can still buy, was redeveloped into a three months coaching and mentoring program to ensure that the principles found in the 4 part program are applied correctly.

The good news, though, is that they are all easy to apply, but human nature can sometimes be a little less disciplined than we would like it to be.

It’s like anything – the road to becoming a specialist is underpinned by discipline,

So, we believe that working with you and getting you to understand these concepts will help you appreciate why many businesses – yours included, don’t achieve the results they should…


There are just seven simple ways to increase the sales and profits of any business. We call these business building methods the ‘7 Xtreme Keys.’

Many businesses ignore at least 5 or 6 of these Xtreme Keys, and as a result, they AREN’T anywhere near as successful as they should be.

Each one is a crucial part of the jigsaw that determines the scale of your success. And each Xtreme Key must be combined together to produce the optimum results.


  • Xtreme Key 1:   
  • Xtreme Key 2:  
    • IMPROVE YOUR SALES CONVERSION (the number of leads you convert into customers/buyers)
  • Xtreme Key 3:    
  • Xtreme Key 4:        
    • INCREASE THE FREQUENCY OF PURCHASE (the number of times customers buy from you each year)
  • Xtreme Key 5:             
  • Xtreme Key 6:        
  • Xtreme Key 7:

By using ALL SEVEN Xtreme Keys, you’ll grow your business quicker and easier than you ever thought possible – and you’ll do it with a massive increase in profits.

Tell me – how many are you using successfully right now in your business?

Typically, most businesses rely heavily on lead generation, and as a result, they are 85 per cent LESS effective. 

Xtreme Business Program


It’s no use sending out a sales letter-email, for example, to your prospects if you don’t apply proven strategies and techniques that ensure you generate a response and get people buying from you. What’s vitally important is to use techniques that are guaranteed to work.

  • Guaranteed to ‘move’ people to take action.
  • Guaranteed to get them buying from you.

The difference between success and failure is not dependent on the marketing strategy you use (i.e. sales letters, emails, advertising etc.) but, on HOW you apply the strategy, and how you combine it with some very powerful business building principles.

When you apply proven techniques and business building principles across ALL SEVEN Xtreme Keys you get every key working tirelessly for you, bringing in what I call multiple streams of income and profit!

Many of these techniques are “SECRETS.” Very few of them are in the public domain. We’re going to reveal all of them to you!


It’s extremely rare that I see a business that has any kind of Program in place for their sales and marketing (growth and profitability. And many people view sales and marketing in isolation, rather than as part of the same business building process. Because of this, much of their effort and their money are wasted.

Combining your sales and marketing into a logical process results in a steady supply of leads and enquiries being converted into buyers, and an increase in income from existing customers. Better still because it’s a Program it works on autopilot!


By understanding each concept, it’s easy to see why many businesses never reach their potential – or even GET close to it.



“The ‘Xtreme Business Program’ – The Step-By-Step Program to Help Any Business Increase Their Sales And Profits”

Our Professional Marketing Team have taken the program to new heights by redeveloping the program. The Team have worked with literally hundreds of businesses in dozens and dozens of different markets.

From these experiences, we’ve modified a set of old and proven tactics that can be universally applied to any type of business.

Xtreme Business Program

In fact, these techniques, when applied have the ability to create windfalls of cash almost out of thin air.

We’ve spent the last two years crystallising our methods and Programs to create the ‘Xtreme Business Program.’

We believe this is the only Program of its kind that can take ANY business and make it successful or more successful irrespective of whatever product or service sold, irrespective of the experience of the business owner, and irrespective of the competition.

“The Xtreme  Business Program” combines all 4 Business Building Concepts to give you a very effective, and easy to use “growth Program”…


The result is Your business automatically grows with increased profits.

In a nutshell, the Xtreme  Business Program is a comprehensive step by step process that ensures you effortlessly…

  • Generate high-quality leads and enquiries from ready to buy prospects
  • Convert as many of these leads into buyers
  • Get as much income out of existing clients

Resulting in…


You’re probably now thinking to yourself, “I’m no marketer.” “I can’t do that.” But together with the Xtreme  Business Program we can turn you into a marketing whiz almost overnight with this easy to use, paint-by-numbers type Program.

The Xtreme’s tactics ARE very SUCCESSFUL across ALL types of businesses – And the Crown of all our Business Programs. There’s absolutely no reason why you won’t get similar results.:

So let’s look at what’s covered in the Xtreme Business Program…

The Logical Program Combining All 7 Xtreme Keys Together To Ensure Your Business Capitalises On Each Business Building tactic

As I’ve already mentioned, your success is dependent upon tapping into each of the 7 Xtreme Keys.

In short…

The Xtreme  Business Program is so effective because it successfully and effortlessly combines each Xtreme Key into one simple and easy to use Program.

Xtreme Business Program

We take you literally by the hand through each Xtreme Key showing you step-by-step what you need to do to get maximum results. Complete with live examples, and fill-in-the-blank templates we’ve made it as simple as baking a cake. As long as you can follow a simple set of instructions you will succeed

Quick And Big Increases In Income Are Achieved By Focusing On Each of the 7 Xtreme Key

This is the simple “BUSINESS BUILDING SECRET” everyone overlooks…

Here’s a simple and very typical example of how you can grow your business EXPONENTIALLY by establishing a simple and proven sales and marketing Program that concentrates on ALL the 7 Xtreme Keys. Instead of filling you with hype and the sorts of results I know you can get, let’s be conservative with this example. In fact let’s be very conservative…

What you can see below are the 7 Xtreme Keys separated out for you to see how each one is performing.

  Business Your Business Increase Results Cumulative Increase
Keys Multipliers
1 Annual Number of Leads 500 10% 550
2 Conversion Ratio 30% 10% 33%
Number of Customers 150 182 121%
3 Number of Transactions Per Year 4 10% 4.4
4 Average Transaction Value  R        10,500.00 10%  R        11,550.00
Annual Turnover  R   6,300,000.00  R   9,249,240.00 146.81%
5 Profit Margin 50% 10% 55%
Annual Profits  R   3,150,000.00  R   5,087,082.00 161.49%
6 Annual No. of Referrals 100 10% 110
Conversion Ratio of Referrals 50% 10% 55%
Number of Customers From Referrals 50 60.5
Annual Turnover From Referrals  R   2,100,000.00  R   3,074,610.00 146%
Annual Profits From Referrals  R   1,050,000.00  R   1,691,035.50 161.05%
Total Annual Turnover  R   8,400,000.00  R 12,323,850.00 146.71%
Total Annual Profit  R   4,200,000.00  R   6,778,117.50 161.38%
7 Average Buying Lifetime (Years) 5 10% 5.5
Lifetime Value (Profit) of Customers (w/o referrals)  R 15,750,000.00  R 27,978,951.00 177.6%
Total Lifetime Value (w / referrals)  R 42,000,000.00  R 67,781,175.00 161.38%


  This first table shows the effect on new customers, and what happens over the next 12 months. The first column shows the business performing as it is today (if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll get what you always get).

The second column shows the combined effect of improving each Xtreme Key by just 10%.

And believe me in many cases the increases can be up to 66%, 128%, 177.64% or more…

Xtreme Business Program

Now that’s impressive. Some say amazing, but the figures don’t lie – that’s the power of combining ALL 7 Xtreme Keys.

So when we include the existing customers our results just skyrocket. Turnover has increased by just under R5,500,000 and profit has increased by over R2,800,000.

And that’s being conservative with a 10% increase across ALL the 7 Xtreme eys!

As you can see, when you combine all 7 Xtreme Keys together we get exponential growth applied right across your business. Why don’t you take each table above and use your own figures. See for yourself what effect the Xtreme Business Program can have on you and your business.

Remember this is not some mathematical trick. These figures are real, it’s just when we see the effect just a 10% increase can have across each Xtreme Key it makes many people feel it’s almost too good to be true.

The Xtreme Business Program Uses PROVEN Tactics.

Now you’ve seen the power of combining the 7 Xtreme Keys together, let me explain how you too can get these results

First, I’m going to break each Xtreme Key down and show you how many proven tactics are included in the Xtreme  Business Program for each specific Xtreme Key (notice the emphasis on the word ‘proven’)…‘The 7 Xtreme Keys’   Proven Tactics Included In The Xtreme  Business Program

  1. Increasing The Number Of Leads: 40
  2. Improving Sales Conversion: 20
  3. Increasing Customer Transaction Values: 14
  4. Increasing The Frequency Of Purchase: 15
  5. Increasing The Number Of Referrals: 12
  6. Improving Gross Profit Margin: 21
  7. Increasing The Length Of Time Customers Keeping Buying From You: 11

      TOTAL PROVEN Tactics    133

133 proven tactics. That’s what you’re getting as part of the Xtreme Business Program.

Each one is easy to apply, and includes step-by-step examples. And remember this…

Each tactic you use will return a profit for you.

That means you’ve got 133 time-tested, proven and universal tactics that you can use to grow your business.

We’ve taken out all the stuff that doesn’t work consistently and across all business types, and what we’ve left you with after years of trial and error is a condensed, highly polished set of tactics ready to be unleashed on your prospects and customers!

Xtreme Business Program

Your competitors won’t know what’s hit them – before it’s too late!

The Xtreme Business Program NO or LOW COST Methods

Now I can guess what you’re probably thinking…

‘That’s fine having all these tactics to choose from, but if the cost is prohibitive then I can’t use them anyway.”

So here’s the really good news. What is perhaps surprising to discover is that all the tactics we recommend (all 133 of them) are what we call no or low cost tactics. You don’t have to break the bank to apply them. Sure, we recommend things like advertising in magazines, but we explain how you can minimise your costs, reduce your risks and negotiate rates that can get you 80% OFF the standard advertising rate – almost every time!

The Xtreme Business Program 21 Business Growth Principles, Which Lay The Foundation to Everything You Do, Guaranteeing Your Success

Over the years we’ve distilled a number (21 to be exact) of almost magical business growth principles which must be obeyed to get maximum success. Once again we give you step-by-step examples and full illustrations on how you can use and apply each principle to your business.

When the principles are combined with the 7 Xtreme Keys and the 133 strategies, you create an unstoppable money-making machine that spurts out cash day in day out.

I know that it may be hard to believe at this stage (read the testimonials) but that’s the power of what we’ve created for you.

It’s taken us years and years of testing, trial and error, and in truth many failures to get to this point. In fact I wish a Program like this was available to me years ago – it would have saved me a small fortune and a few sleepless nights!

The Xtreme  Business Program Holds Your Hand And Guides You Through To Success

Xtreme Business Program

Perhaps the best element of the Xtreme Business Program is how we’ve structured it.

Nothing is left to chance. It’s like having a marketing guru by your side without the cost. It’s like having a personal mentor navigating you through the pitfalls and traps that so many people fall into. It’s like having someone ‘who’s been there and done it’ by your side to ensure your success. But the key to your success ultimately comes down to one thing…



That’s right. We’ve done all the hard work. We’ve given you a ‘success blueprint’ for you to follow, but it takes effort on your part. You know as well as I do that nothing worth achieving is easy. And lifting your business to the heights you dreamed about when you started the business is not going to happen like magic.

But as long as you diligently follow our step-by-step Program you will be successful.

The question is not – will this Program work for me? rather, ‘will you work the Program?’

You see I know it works, and I know it works very well for people who put the effort in.

Are you ready to take that step and focus on growing your business? If you’re not then this program definitely isn’t for you. On the other hand if you know that getting results takes effort and focus then the Xtreme Business Program is going to be perfect for you.

 “Common Sense” Packaged Into One Simple Program

Xtreme Business Program

It all sounds straightforward doesn’t it? In fact most of it I hear you say is “common sense.”

You’re right! However…

It’s surprising that so few people actually apply the basics.

Why is this? It all comes back to the fact that people keep doing the things they’ve always done.

They don’t take the time to stand back and look at what they’ve created, and then look at how each facet of their business can be improved. That’s not a criticism.

We know how difficult it is running small and medium sized businesses. You get caught up in the day to day running of the business and before you know it 5 years have passed!

The key is to pull yourself back, and start looking at your business like never before.

The Xtreme Business Program gives you that ability. That focus. That hope!

In fact, by using the Xtreme Business Program you’ll never again worry about “standing still” in business…     

If You don’t want to be a busy fool, and the Xtreme  Business Program ensures that every second you dedicate to growing your business will move you closer to your goals.

So Much To Gain…

You can’t get the Xtreme Business Program anywhere else!

We’ve developed it for you. We’ve developed it for people like you who want more from their businesses.

We’ve developed it for those who want more from their lives … and more from their efforts. And it’s unique – very unique.

No other Program to our knowledge exists in SA that allows you to follow a simple step-by-step Program guaranteeing results.

Xtreme Business Program

Now let me rattle off just a few of the “highlights” of the Xtreme Business Program. See what you think about these

  • Never revealed before: A proven step-by-step, paint by numbers type Program that allows anyone to create a thriving business.
  • 40 proven tactics to get more leads.
  • 20 powerful tactics for boosting conversion rates.
  • 14 amazingly simple tactics for increasing customer transaction values.
  • 15 ‘magnetic’ tactics for increasing the frequency of purchase.
  • 12 easy to apply tactics for increasing the number of referrals.
  • 21 ingenious ways of improving gross profit margin.
  • 11 incredible tactics for increasing the length of time customers keeping buying from you.
  • 21 business growth principles, each capable of catapulting your sales and profit to levels you can’t even imagine.
  • A simple to use ‘Workbook’ to make the whole Program very easy to apply and ensures you’re right on track.
  • A brilliant A,B,C type Program (never revealed before) for creating sales letters and ads that bring in customers by the truckload.
  • How to use “Niche Marketing” to get a large slice of the cake!
  • How to stand out from the crowd and get prospects to come to you by developing your “Customer Focused Value Proposition.”

This one technique is often enough to turn your business around, or propel it further forward! Plus access to our Value proposition Generator documents from a highly reputable colleague.

  • How to create a “Risk Reversal Strategy” that makes it virtually impossible for your prospects to say “no.” You’ll get more customers than you thought possible just from this little known “secret”.
  • How to get high-quality testimonials that get results and convince the prospect you can deliver on your promises. I’m sure you know the value of using testimonials – most people do.

However, do you use them? And are your testimonials missing the key ingredient that makes the difference?

Xtreme Business Program

  • Putting in place your Sales Conversion Program, the truly amazing Program that will multiply your success
  • The simple 6 stage “Selling Without Fear Sales Appointment.”

Even if you “hate” selling and many people do – this proven process may not get you to enjoy selling fully – but I guarantee you’ll be much more successful!

  • How to get incredible results with your quotations and estimates.

Use our secret weapon to ensure you get the order.

  • Using a “Sales Conversion Letter” after your meetings and phone calls, to secure the business.
  • Using “Follow Up” to convert even more prospects and enquiries into clients. Believe me, you’ll be staggered at the difference this makes.
  • How to run your sales and marketing Program on “autopilot” – even the busiest person can skyrocket his or her business.
  • How to uncover hidden profits in your business – amazing letter shows you how – you just fill-in-the-blanks.

And much, much more!

Every one of the tactics mentioned above are AUTOMATICALLY included in the Xtreme Business Program.

Better still, you are guided through each strategy step-by-step to ensure you get the best results possible.

By the way, it doesn’t matter whether you have a formidable competitor right next door or across the street. Or a “price slasher” on your doorstep.

None of that matters.

The Xtreme Business Program will reveal how you can quickly, easily and consistently grow your business with massive increases in profits.

I imagine you have a few questions. Let me answer the most common ones. If one doesn’t interest you, just skip ahead to the next one…


“How Easy Is It To Apply The Whole Program Into My Business?”

We’ve purposely tried throughout this report to emphasise the simplicity of the Xtreme Business Program.

We really have developed a very easy to use method of creating your own highly successful sales and marketing machine. You just have to follow the simple steps and within no time you’ve got your own effective business building machine, consistently bringing in cash and new customers.

You don’t need any sales and marketing expertise. None. You just need to take action. Before you know it people will be thinking you’re a sales and marketing genius – and you will be, you just never thought it would be so easy!

“Does It Cost A Lot Of Money To Put In Place The Xtreme Business Program  And The Tactics Included In It?”

Putting in place your own Program costs you absolutely nothing at all. Zilch.

All you have to do is put aside a few hours each week for 3 months putting Your own Program in place.

Furthermore, all of the 133 proven tactics and 21 business building principles are low or no cost.

It really doesn’t matter what position your business is in.

The great news is you can make almost instant improvements without any cost.

That’s one of the major benefits of the Xtreme  Business Program.

The only way the Xtreme Business Program won’t work for you is if you are “narrow-minded”, and unwilling to look outside your own past experiences, and therefore refuse to dedicate a small amount of time to it.

“How Long Will It Take To See Results?”

This is totally dependent on you. You can put your own Program in place in a couple of weeks or a couple of months. It depends how quickly you need to get results.

The effects are IMMEDIATE as soon as you start to activate each strategy – one by one.

Plus…    We also have 8 ingenious ‘Fast Cash Strategies’ that will bring you an instant surge in cash within 48 hours. As you’d expect these have also been rigorously tested and can be universally applied.

These are available as one of our ‘Early Bird Bonuses’ (please see page 70 of Volume 1).

What I will say is that within 3 or 4 months you won’t be able to recognise your business.

You’ll transform it into a money-making machine to the bewilderment of everyone around you!

I know I’m making very bold claims, and I really don’t blame you for being sceptical, but you really can transform your business when you follow our program, and you can do it FAST.

Will It Work For MY Business?

The Xtreme  Business Program works for all types of businesses. That’s what it was created for. It doesn’t matter what product or service you sell, or where you operate. Or how large or small your business is. Or how severe the competition is. Or if you employ one or one thousand people. Or if your business is new or well established. NONE OF THIS MATTERS!

I know we all think our business is different to all others. But we’re wrong. Every business is similar to the next. They all need a constant supply of new customers, more money from existing customers, and the ability to sell the product or service at a profit – preferably a large profit. And we show you exactly how to do it!

“Can’t I Just Learn This Stuff Myself?  Why Should I Pay You?”

Sure you could figure all this out on your own – but no one else in our view has even come close to the Xtreme Business Program.

In any case, it’s taken the Xtreme Team over 35 years of combined effort to perfect the tactics in the program, working with dozens and dozens of businesses.


Why struggle and spend years trying to create an inferior model of the Xtreme Business Program?

Why spend tens of thousands of Rands  (like they have) testing different strategies to see what works best?

You see all the hard work is done for you.

We’ve assembled the most powerful, and comprehensive growth Program ever.

Better still… we’ve put it together in a logical step by step Program, so you don’t have to think about it.

You just start at “Page 1” and keep turning the pages. In fact, the Program is almost “foolproof.”

You just need two skills: The ability to read, and the ability to write.

I know this sounds silly, but that’s truly all you need.

I’m taking for granted your product or service is half-decent. And there’s nothing more to it!

“Okay, How Do I Get The Xtreme  Business Program And All These Proven tactics, And Put Them To Work For Me?”

Here’s what you get with the Xtreme Business Strategies Program…

  1. Xtreme Manual 1 (220 pages) – The step by step guide to help you create an effective lead generation program that attracts prospects to you like a magnet.

Ensure you generate all the leads and enquiries you can handle and set them up ready to be converted into orders! Includes the 21 business building principles!

This huge manual details the key stages and steps you need to take to never worry about where the next lead is coming from. You’ll get step by step instructions on how to implement each stage, along with numerous real-life examples and fill-in-the-blank templates.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to create this first stage of your own highly successful Program. In no time at all your lead generation Program will be up and running, and you’ll start to see the amazing results.

  1. Xtreme Manual 2 (154 pages) – a Simple step-by-step guide to help you create the following powerful Programs…
  • Sales conversion Program.
  • Program for increasing customer transaction values.
  • Program for increasing the frequency of purchase.
  • Program for increasing the number of referrals.
  • Program for improving gross profit margin.
  • Program for increasing the length of time customers keeping buying from you.

This is the ‘heart’ of the Xtreme  Business Program. As soon as you’ve applied these Programs to your business you’re firmly on your way to success!

  1. Xtreme Manual 3 (90 pages) – the 133 tactics and action points that can revolutionise your business

This is where you can select the tactics for each Xtreme Key listed above. Of course when you combine the tactics with the principles and the Programs you’ve set up this is what gives you the exponential growth I mentioned earlier!

Follow the steps. Follow the stages. Look at the working examples. Fill-in-the-blanks. Out pops a money making ad or sales letter. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Millions of pounds have been generated following this simple Program. Now it’s your turn!

  1. Xtreme Manual 4

We are adding 12 E-Books from CopyBlogger on how to write Headlines, Content and so on. All of this is the latest from the best writers on the Internet and it has an amazing section on writing content and killer headlines.

The Workbook is designed to help you practice what Copyblogger has put together for us.

  1. Xtreme Workbooks – Each Manual comes with a unique Workbook that helps guide you through each step ensuring the best possible results!

We all need a simple plan to be more effective. The Workbooks act as your roadmap to success. You’ll use the Workbooks to create your own powerful money-making Program, and you’ll find them an invaluable aid.

And the Price?

Well, we have a  number of affordable options for You.

  1. Electronic Version. 

1.1 R26,000,  including the Introductory Meeting (R6000 – 4hrs)  setting up the program with you.

1.2. R20,000 No introductory meeting. Follow the Modules, step by step, on Your own. Payable in three instalments.

1.2.1 Module 1 and workbook. R9,500.00

1.2.2 Module 2 and Workbook. R6,600.00

1.2.3 Module 3 and Module 4 with Workbook. R3,900.00

  1. Printed Version.

2.1 R35,000 no mentoring (almost 1000 pages), payable over 3 months. You get a new manual and Workbook each month.

2.1.1 Module 1 and Workbook. R16,600.00

2.1.2 Module 2 and Workbook. R11,600.00

2.1.3 Module 3 and 4 and Workbooks. R6,800.00

3.0 Printed Version with Mentoring.

3.2. R 63,000.  This includes a 3 month mentoring program.

3.2.1 Module 1 and workbook. R 29, 900.00

3.2.2 Module 2 and workbook. R 20,909.00

3.2.3  Module 3 and 4 and workbooks. R 12,191.00

SO… We have worked everything out below our development costs as an Introductory offer.


We also have a Paypal option using your credit card which converts to Rands.

Just a few more orders, you wouldn’t get otherwise,  pays back this entire investment.

Should we charge more? Probably.

We intend to. But for now, during our New Client Drive, You can have the Xtreme Business Program for this low investment.

What do you have to gain?

Everything. Once you start using the Xtreme Business Program you’ll get a constant supply of new leads.

You’ll get more orders and customers.

You won’t have to compete on price or fees ever again. And you’ll increase your profits. You’ll start enjoying your business again – it may even be fun and exciting.

But the bottom line is you’ll create the freedom to choose how you want to live your life.

What more could you ask for? Isn’t that what we’re all in business for? Isn’t that what you want?

You can get all this. Right now.

Easy.  Just Send an email to requesting an appointment to discuss implement the Xtreme  Business Program.

Gloria will correspond with You by setting this up for May 2018, on a date and time suitable for you. We are so booked up from  implementing this program already.

So Please don’t delay!


This is a positive decision you’ll be very glad you made.


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Contact Us.




Kind regards                                                       

Dr Michael. J. Freestone.


P.S      Just think for a moment – How many orders do you need to cover this  investment?         

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“You can’t ask customers what they want… By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.” – Steve Jobs


First line of network security is your staff.


4 Ways To Keep Your Website From Getting Hacked

Small businesses are especially vulnerable to hacking because they usually lack the technology expertise and site security that larger companies have. They also suffer more if their lack of expertise slows repairs and their ability to get back to work. Business owners can lose significant online traffic and sales if their site lands on blacklists operated by Google and other search engines.

Hackers are constantly breaking into innocent websites and using them to infect visitors with malware, lure them to dodgy sites and infiltrate databases to grab sensitive customer information. But you can avoid trouble — or eliminate it quickly — by taking some relatively simple steps.

Here’s how to get started:

1) Keep your software up to date.

Hackers aggressively target security flaws in popular Web software such as content management systems and blogging programs so they can attack websites en masse. Stay out of the line of fire by using the latest versions of software and applying security patches promptly.

2) Use strong passwords and keep them safe.

Using strong passwords is crucial because hackers frequently attempt to crack or steal passwords for web software and FTP servers, which are computers that use the File Transfer Protocol to move web pages and other files to another computer, such as a Web-hosting server. Default, common or predictable passwords can be easily broken.

3) Register with Google’s Webmaster Tools.

Getting on Google’s blacklist, which is used by the search site and the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers, can reduce traffic to your site. By registering with Webmaster Tools, you can receive notifications of malware infections immediately, sometimes before blacklisting occurs, so you can get rid of them faster. The service also provides details about the precise problem Google is seeing. That can speed your clean up and your return to Google’s good graces.


4) Get expert help.

Companies that are heavily dependent on their websites may want to hire a firm that provides alerts if they get on a blacklist, monitoring for malicious activity, scanning for security vulnerabilities or help with repairs after a hack. Prices start at about $90 a year. Businesses that have databases with sensitive customer information connected to their sites should get help building security into their sites and scouring software code for bugs.


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6 Fundraising Tips Most Startup Entrepreneurs Don’t KnowIn reading the start-up and tech blogs these days, one would think investors are chomping at the bit to fund startups like yours. But as is true with most situations in life, you shouldn’t believe everything you read.

There are certainly examples of big and fast rounds and companies where money landed in a founder’s lap. But this isn’t the norm, nor should it be expected. Fundraising is hard, no matter what anyone tells you.

Here are some tips to make raising money for your business a little easier:

1) Time is not your friend.

Fundraising is in many respects a full time job, and the inertia of your company won’t take a vacation. Your customers, users, employees and everyone else involved will continue to require your attention even though you’re in the midst of a draining and consuming fundraising process. So the shorter this process takes the better. Moving fast and efficiently can also help stave off second thoughts among investors. Similar to a house that sits on the market, the longer a deal sits, the more questions and concerns are raised. Why didn’t XYZ fund do it? What have others seen that I’m not seeing?

2) Know who you want to work with.

Long before you’re ready to raise your round, think about the funds and people who you’d eventually like to work with. Begin to build relationships with these people and funds well before you need to ask them to participate. When it comes time to formally begin fundraising, the conversations will be much smoother and simpler since a previous relationship exists.

3) Stay in the driver’s seat.

Don’t start fundraising until you are ready. No matter who comes knocking or expresses interest, the process should be on your terms and when you’re ready.

4) Coordination is critical.

It’s vital to have answers to simple questions like how much you’re raising, why you’re raising it, how you plan to use capital, other players in the market, etc. Once the process moves forward into deeper diligence, you must make sure your business’ other stakeholders are aware of your fundraising effort. From customer calls and potential customer calls to tapping internal resources, you’ll need their cooperation to get things done.

5) The flow of information is absolute.

For better or for worse, you need to assume that once your deal is on the market, everyone knows about it. What you tell one partner or fund can quickly circulate across funds — and even coasts for that matter. If one firm passes on your deal, others will quickly find out. This isn’t to say that investors are conspiring against entrepreneurs — that’s certainly not the case, however, people talk and you need to know that.

6) Deadlines are a must, but flexibility is key.

If given the opportunity, many investors will take more time. Time means results, data points and additional proof points by which to make an investment decision. So you need to build in that urgency to keep the process moving forward. Find a meaningful event that will drive the firms involved towards a decision and, ideally, a term sheet. Still, if you have an investor or firm that you really love and they need a bit more time to get their partnership or work in order, don’t hesitate to honor that request. Nothing replaces a great long-term partner.


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Are we doing enough to support small business growth?

Are we doing enough to support small business growth?

Brad Rosser, Non-Executive Chairman, Xref, does not believe the UK Government has a well-orchestrated plan for ongoing small business support.

  • By Brad Rosser



Pick up a batch of today’s newspapers and you’ll see divided opinions on the state and future health of UK plc like we’ve never experienced before.

Personally, I think the views of the 100 leading economists who took part in the latest Financial Times annual predictions survey bear the most weight. They project growth to slow further still, to around 1.5 per cent in 2018, with business investment to remain on hold, interest rates to nudge up and consumers to curb spending as the uncertainty of Brexit continues to loom large.

But, whatever opinion you choose to trust, it’s fair to say it’s hardly the ideal environment for start-ups to prosper and hatch into high growth businesses.

What Support Network Does the UK Provide?

Although the UK scores high in the OECD global ranking for number of start-ups created, it sits outside the top ten when it comes to fostering businesses that grow into established, medium-sized companies.

This should be a red flag to any Government. It’s essential for a country’s start-up scene to be successful, given these companies represent a critical component of short-term economic success and will ultimately form the future business ecosystem.

The UK Government has tried to implement a network of support services, such as the British Business Bank – to bring expertise and money to the smaller business finance markets; Innovate UK – to drive growth by supporting new business innovation; and Growth Accelerator – to support SMEs in accessing finance and commercialising innovation.

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) have also provided a vehicle for funding for thousands of businesses from individuals able to invest generously due to the tax breaks offered in return for the investments. This incentive could easily be opened up to investment organisations too, but at the moment it looks more likely the tax breaks will be pegged back, if anything.

Are we doing enough to support small business growth?

International Inspiration

Ultimately, there’s some merit in all of these initiatives, but I don’t believe the UK Government has a well-orchestrated plan for ongoing small business support.

It could take some inspiration from similar economies overseas. Take Australia, for example – it has recognised the value in small business success and established a model for driving the growth of the sector, with an ecosystem of initiatives dedicated to supporting new businesses as they grow. The Single Business Service, for example, provides businesses with direct access to a dedicated individual point of contact for information and referral services in their early days.

Innovation is also encouraged by the Australian Government, with resources such as the Entrepreneurs’ Program, a flagship initiative for competitiveness and productivity of individual businesses, that forms part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda, as well as AusIndustry, a division of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, which provides access to information and support to enable business owners to:

  • Get a business up and running
  • Develop and commercialise ideas and products
  • Improve, innovate and grow a business
  • Reach new markets

Need-to-Have vs Nice-to-Have

As a business builder and entrepreneur myself, I’ve worked with some of the world’s largest and most ambitious blue chip companies at board level, while with McKinsey and Co. I also worked directly for Sir Richard Branson as Director of Corporate Development at Virgin – helping to identify and scale start-ups like Virgin Direct and Virgin Active. As a result, I know there is one type of business that fairs better in a challenging economy. The ‘need-to-have’ business.

When times are tough, people have a propensity to spend on what they need, rather than the nice-to-haves. Those businesses in the ‘need-to-have’ bracket should focus on the products and services that save people money, time and effort to gain traction and growth.

The tech sector is leading the way in this respect. Naysayers believe tech and robots (and the automation they offer) are going to hinder not help the economy in the next decade.

I don’t agree. Given my current role at Xref, I can see firsthand the impact automation will have on the HR and recruitment industries, which are specifically earmarked for significant change. But, this is positive disruption.

Overcoming Economic Challenges with Tech Ingenuity

The founders of Xref launched and grew the business for its first five years on their own funding. As a start-up in Australia back in 2009, its success came from the fact that it offered an efficient, tech-based solution to a real problem present in every hiring decision made at every organisation – the inefficiency, inconsistency and unreliability of manual reference checking methods. The opportunity was vast, the technology was smart and the end user experience was simple and insightful.

Now, the Xref platform also includes an advanced AI-fueled algorithm to recognise positive, neutral and negative sentiment, and interprets the referee’s ‘tone of voice’ for the employer.

The AI-driven tool is already delivering 92% to 98% accuracy, which ensures a far greater chance of an accurate reading every time than could ever be guaranteed by a human-driven approach.

That’s a compelling product in any economic climate.

Are we doing enough to support small business growth?

Key Pillars for Growth

Having listed on the ASX in 2016, Xref is now a global business with operations in the USA, Canada, APAC and EMEA, and a 700-strong client portfolio including the likes of Snap Inc. (Snapchat), Coca Cola Amatil and Nike.

My advice to businesses at a point of high-growth opportunity as seen by Xref in 2016, is:

  • As your company grows, start expanding into new regions, but start on a low budget. You will have done your due-diligence as to the market opportunity, but minimise your risk
  • Give the regional teams that you put in place an initial target of breaking even – there’s little point in setting up your team to ‘fail’ by setting targets that are unachievable in the short term.
  • Set up the new offices as a sales and marketing operation – your new business pipeline should always be filled with prospects – and put as many locals as you can into those offices
  • As soon as you can afford to, recruit an established senior figure from the industry to bring their network and experience

Ultimately, good ideas that help to overcome real problems will achieve growth in any economic climate. But, the rate and scope of their success will, at some stage, be reliant on the market they’re founded in and its support and encouragement for small businesses.

Making this possible is not only good for individual business growth, but for the global reputation of a country and the value its businesses can offer.

See my comments on this.


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