Xtreme Business Program

Xtreme Business Program

“How to EXPLODE Your Sales and Profits, Get Customers by The Bucketful, And Keep Them Coming Back for More”

At last! A Simple Step by Step Sales and Marketing Program. That Anyone Can Apply to Their Business – No Matter What Your Experience. No Matter What Product or Service You Sell, And No Matter How Fierce the Competition Is…

The Xtreme Business Program© is the first program of its kind that acts as your personal mentor. And fast tracks you and your business to reach your goals and aspirations. You, yes you, can do it when you follow this “paint-by-numbers” Program…

Do not lose Your Business because you did not read this report. 




my name is Dr Michael John Freestone. My contacts call me Michael and my friends call me Doc.

I’m a Marketing Professional, Performance Improvement Specialist, with an Advanced Digital Marketing Diploma and a Master of Business Administration In Marketing and a Doctorate in Business Administration passed summa cum laude, with a Distinction in Business Finance.

My team and I use a very successful, almost foolproof Program to grow any small or medium-sized business.

Enough about me. This is all about You.

In your heart, you know you have a good business. That’s important. You know you can help people solve their problems. You feel you deserve to be making more money – after all other people can do it – why not you?

Unfortunately, having a good product or service simply isn’t enough to guarantee your success.

In fact…


You see, mediocre products and services can and do make people rich, on one condition – the business owners can market and sell their products or services effectively.


Let me explain

  1. Despite having a good product or service, you admit you lack the know-how to effectively grow your business
  2. You’re exasperated by the results of many of your marketing efforts – they just aren’t producing the results you expected. Or your marketing is producing leads for your business – you just can’t convert many of them into customers
  3. You are probably frustrated, unhappy, maybe even disgusted with how little take-home money you get from your business
  4. You are working all hours, but have little to show for it.
  5. Competition is rife, and quite frankly you don’t know what to do about it
  6. You detest “cheapest price/fee” competition, yet you find yourself caught between charging enough to make a decent living, and as little to secure the business
  7. You are concerned about the fact that you have to worry about where the next job or client will come from just to pay the bills. Your business may have grown, there may even be more income, but it’s still not translating into wealth or income for you and your family
  8. You would be delighted to do less work, especially less hard work, but make more money
  9. You’ve got some customers, but they aren’t profitable. In fact, you can’t seem to get much money out of them at all, after the first piece of work you do for them.  Almost all these possible reasons for replying are caused by this

Xtreme Business Program



If you’ve already admitted you personally suffer from this admittedly common flaw, then we think you’re going to enjoy reading the rest of this report.

So let’s get back to the problem and break it down further…

Over many years, working with our Expert Professional Marketing Teams and summarizing Client experiences, we recognised 4 BIG and critical sales and marketing concepts that were MISSING from businesses that weren’t as successful as they should be.

 The original do-it-yourself program, which you can still buy, was redeveloped into a three months coaching and mentoring program to ensure that the principles found in the 4 part program are applied correctly.

The good news, though, is that they are all easy to apply, but human nature can sometimes be a little less disciplined than we would like it to be.

It’s like anything – the road to becoming a specialist is underpinned by discipline,

So, we believe that working with you and getting you to understand these concepts will help you appreciate why many businesses – yours included, don’t achieve the results they should…


There are just seven simple ways to increase the sales and profits of any business. We call these business building methods the ‘7 Xtreme Keys.’

Many businesses ignore at least 5 or 6 of these Xtreme Keys, and as a result, they AREN’T anywhere near as successful as they should be.

Each one is a crucial part of the jigsaw that determines the scale of your success. And each Xtreme Key must be combined together to produce the optimum results.


  • Xtreme Key 1:   
  • Xtreme Key 2:  
    • IMPROVE YOUR SALES CONVERSION (the number of leads you convert into customers/buyers)
  • Xtreme Key 3:    
  • Xtreme Key 4:        
    • INCREASE THE FREQUENCY OF PURCHASE (the number of times customers buy from you each year)
  • Xtreme Key 5:             
  • Xtreme Key 6:        
  • Xtreme Key 7:

By using ALL SEVEN Xtreme Keys, you’ll grow your business quicker and easier than you ever thought possible – and you’ll do it with a massive increase in profits.

Tell me – how many are you using successfully right now in your business?

Typically, most businesses rely heavily on lead generation, and as a result, they are 85 per cent LESS effective. 

Xtreme Business Program


It’s no use sending out a sales letter-email, for example, to your prospects if you don’t apply proven strategies and techniques that ensure you generate a response and get people buying from you. What’s vitally important is to use techniques that are guaranteed to work.

  • Guaranteed to ‘move’ people to take action.
  • Guaranteed to get them buying from you.

The difference between success and failure is not dependent on the marketing strategy you use (i.e. sales letters, emails, advertising etc.) but, on HOW you apply the strategy, and how you combine it with some very powerful business building principles.

When you apply proven techniques and business building principles across ALL SEVEN Xtreme Keys you get every key working tirelessly for you, bringing in what I call multiple streams of income and profit!

Many of these techniques are “SECRETS.” Very few of them are in the public domain. We’re going to reveal all of them to you!


It’s extremely rare that I see a business that has any kind of Program in place for their sales and marketing (growth and profitability. And many people view sales and marketing in isolation, rather than as part of the same business building process. Because of this, much of their effort and their money are wasted.

Combining your sales and marketing into a logical process results in a steady supply of leads and enquiries being converted into buyers, and an increase in income from existing customers. Better still because it’s a Program it works on autopilot!


By understanding each concept, it’s easy to see why many businesses never reach their potential – or even GET close to it.



“The ‘Xtreme Business Program’ – The Step-By-Step Program to Help Any Business Increase Their Sales And Profits”

Our Professional Marketing Team have taken the program to new heights by redeveloping the program. The Team have worked with literally hundreds of businesses in dozens and dozens of different markets.

From these experiences, we’ve modified a set of old and proven tactics that can be universally applied to any type of business.

Xtreme Business Program

In fact, these techniques, when applied have the ability to create windfalls of cash almost out of thin air.

We’ve spent the last two years crystallising our methods and Programs to create the ‘Xtreme Business Program.’

We believe this is the only Program of its kind that can take ANY business and make it successful or more successful irrespective of whatever product or service sold, irrespective of the experience of the business owner, and irrespective of the competition.

“The Xtreme  Business Program” combines all 4 Business Building Concepts to give you a very effective, and easy to use “growth Program”…


The result is Your business automatically grows with increased profits.

In a nutshell, the Xtreme  Business Program is a comprehensive step by step process that ensures you effortlessly…

  • Generate high-quality leads and enquiries from ready to buy prospects
  • Convert as many of these leads into buyers
  • Get as much income out of existing clients

Resulting in…


You’re probably now thinking to yourself, “I’m no marketer.” “I can’t do that.” But together with the Xtreme  Business Program we can turn you into a marketing whiz almost overnight with this easy to use, paint-by-numbers type Program.

The Xtreme’s tactics ARE very SUCCESSFUL across ALL types of businesses – And the Crown of all our Business Programs. There’s absolutely no reason why you won’t get similar results.:

So let’s look at what’s covered in the Xtreme Business Program…

The Logical Program Combining All 7 Xtreme Keys Together To Ensure Your Business Capitalises On Each Business Building tactic

As I’ve already mentioned, your success is dependent upon tapping into each of the 7 Xtreme Keys.

In short…

The Xtreme  Business Program is so effective because it successfully and effortlessly combines each Xtreme Key into one simple and easy to use Program.

Xtreme Business Program

We take you literally by the hand through each Xtreme Key showing you step-by-step what you need to do to get maximum results. Complete with live examples, and fill-in-the-blank templates we’ve made it as simple as baking a cake. As long as you can follow a simple set of instructions you will succeed

Quick And Big Increases In Income Are Achieved By Focusing On Each of the 7 Xtreme Key

This is the simple “BUSINESS BUILDING SECRET” everyone overlooks…

Here’s a simple and very typical example of how you can grow your business EXPONENTIALLY by establishing a simple and proven sales and marketing Program that concentrates on ALL the 7 Xtreme Keys. Instead of filling you with hype and the sorts of results I know you can get, let’s be conservative with this example. In fact let’s be very conservative…

What you can see below are the 7 Xtreme Keys separated out for you to see how each one is performing.

  Business Your Business Increase Results Cumulative Increase
Keys Multipliers
1 Annual Number of Leads 500 10% 550
2 Conversion Ratio 30% 10% 33%
Number of Customers 150 182 121%
3 Number of Transactions Per Year 4 10% 4.4
4 Average Transaction Value  R        10,500.00 10%  R        11,550.00
Annual Turnover  R   6,300,000.00  R   9,249,240.00 146.81%
5 Profit Margin 50% 10% 55%
Annual Profits  R   3,150,000.00  R   5,087,082.00 161.49%
6 Annual No. of Referrals 100 10% 110
Conversion Ratio of Referrals 50% 10% 55%
Number of Customers From Referrals 50 60.5
Annual Turnover From Referrals  R   2,100,000.00  R   3,074,610.00 146%
Annual Profits From Referrals  R   1,050,000.00  R   1,691,035.50 161.05%
Total Annual Turnover  R   8,400,000.00  R 12,323,850.00 146.71%
Total Annual Profit  R   4,200,000.00  R   6,778,117.50 161.38%
7 Average Buying Lifetime (Years) 5 10% 5.5
Lifetime Value (Profit) of Customers (w/o referrals)  R 15,750,000.00  R 27,978,951.00 177.6%
Total Lifetime Value (w / referrals)  R 42,000,000.00  R 67,781,175.00 161.38%


  This first table shows the effect on new customers, and what happens over the next 12 months. The first column shows the business performing as it is today (if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll get what you always get).

The second column shows the combined effect of improving each Xtreme Key by just 10%.

And believe me in many cases the increases can be up to 66%, 128%, 177.64% or more…

Xtreme Business Program

Now that’s impressive. Some say amazing, but the figures don’t lie – that’s the power of combining ALL 7 Xtreme Keys.

So when we include the existing customers our results just skyrocket. Turnover has increased by just under R5,500,000 and profit has increased by over R2,800,000.

And that’s being conservative with a 10% increase across ALL the 7 Xtreme eys!

As you can see, when you combine all 7 Xtreme Keys together we get exponential growth applied right across your business. Why don’t you take each table above and use your own figures. See for yourself what effect the Xtreme Business Program can have on you and your business.

Remember this is not some mathematical trick. These figures are real, it’s just when we see the effect just a 10% increase can have across each Xtreme Key it makes many people feel it’s almost too good to be true.

The Xtreme Business Program Uses PROVEN Tactics.

Now you’ve seen the power of combining the 7 Xtreme Keys together, let me explain how you too can get these results

First, I’m going to break each Xtreme Key down and show you how many proven tactics are included in the Xtreme  Business Program for each specific Xtreme Key (notice the emphasis on the word ‘proven’)…‘The 7 Xtreme Keys’   Proven Tactics Included In The Xtreme  Business Program

  1. Increasing The Number Of Leads: 40
  2. Improving Sales Conversion: 20
  3. Increasing Customer Transaction Values: 14
  4. Increasing The Frequency Of Purchase: 15
  5. Increasing The Number Of Referrals: 12
  6. Improving Gross Profit Margin: 21
  7. Increasing The Length Of Time Customers Keeping Buying From You: 11

      TOTAL PROVEN Tactics    133

133 proven tactics. That’s what you’re getting as part of the Xtreme Business Program.

Each one is easy to apply, and includes step-by-step examples. And remember this…

Each tactic you use will return a profit for you.

That means you’ve got 133 time-tested, proven and universal tactics that you can use to grow your business.

We’ve taken out all the stuff that doesn’t work consistently and across all business types, and what we’ve left you with after years of trial and error is a condensed, highly polished set of tactics ready to be unleashed on your prospects and customers!

Xtreme Business Program

Your competitors won’t know what’s hit them – before it’s too late!

The Xtreme Business Program NO or LOW COST Methods

Now I can guess what you’re probably thinking…

‘That’s fine having all these tactics to choose from, but if the cost is prohibitive then I can’t use them anyway.”

So here’s the really good news. What is perhaps surprising to discover is that all the tactics we recommend (all 133 of them) are what we call no or low cost tactics. You don’t have to break the bank to apply them. Sure, we recommend things like advertising in magazines, but we explain how you can minimise your costs, reduce your risks and negotiate rates that can get you 80% OFF the standard advertising rate – almost every time!

The Xtreme Business Program 21 Business Growth Principles, Which Lay The Foundation to Everything You Do, Guaranteeing Your Success

Over the years we’ve distilled a number (21 to be exact) of almost magical business growth principles which must be obeyed to get maximum success. Once again we give you step-by-step examples and full illustrations on how you can use and apply each principle to your business.

When the principles are combined with the 7 Xtreme Keys and the 133 strategies, you create an unstoppable money-making machine that spurts out cash day in day out.

I know that it may be hard to believe at this stage (read the testimonials) but that’s the power of what we’ve created for you.

It’s taken us years and years of testing, trial and error, and in truth many failures to get to this point. In fact I wish a Program like this was available to me years ago – it would have saved me a small fortune and a few sleepless nights!

The Xtreme  Business Program Holds Your Hand And Guides You Through To Success

Xtreme Business Program

Perhaps the best element of the Xtreme Business Program is how we’ve structured it.

Nothing is left to chance. It’s like having a marketing guru by your side without the cost. It’s like having a personal mentor navigating you through the pitfalls and traps that so many people fall into. It’s like having someone ‘who’s been there and done it’ by your side to ensure your success. But the key to your success ultimately comes down to one thing…



That’s right. We’ve done all the hard work. We’ve given you a ‘success blueprint’ for you to follow, but it takes effort on your part. You know as well as I do that nothing worth achieving is easy. And lifting your business to the heights you dreamed about when you started the business is not going to happen like magic.

But as long as you diligently follow our step-by-step Program you will be successful.

The question is not – will this Program work for me? rather, ‘will you work the Program?’

You see I know it works, and I know it works very well for people who put the effort in.

Are you ready to take that step and focus on growing your business? If you’re not then this program definitely isn’t for you. On the other hand if you know that getting results takes effort and focus then the Xtreme Business Program is going to be perfect for you.

 “Common Sense” Packaged Into One Simple Program

Xtreme Business Program

It all sounds straightforward doesn’t it? In fact most of it I hear you say is “common sense.”

You’re right! However…

It’s surprising that so few people actually apply the basics.

Why is this? It all comes back to the fact that people keep doing the things they’ve always done.

They don’t take the time to stand back and look at what they’ve created, and then look at how each facet of their business can be improved. That’s not a criticism.

We know how difficult it is running small and medium sized businesses. You get caught up in the day to day running of the business and before you know it 5 years have passed!

The key is to pull yourself back, and start looking at your business like never before.

The Xtreme Business Program gives you that ability. That focus. That hope!

In fact, by using the Xtreme Business Program you’ll never again worry about “standing still” in business…     

If You don’t want to be a busy fool, and the Xtreme  Business Program ensures that every second you dedicate to growing your business will move you closer to your goals.

So Much To Gain…

You can’t get the Xtreme Business Program anywhere else!

We’ve developed it for you. We’ve developed it for people like you who want more from their businesses.

We’ve developed it for those who want more from their lives … and more from their efforts. And it’s unique – very unique.

No other Program to our knowledge exists in SA that allows you to follow a simple step-by-step Program guaranteeing results.

Xtreme Business Program

Now let me rattle off just a few of the “highlights” of the Xtreme Business Program. See what you think about these

  • Never revealed before: A proven step-by-step, paint by numbers type Program that allows anyone to create a thriving business.
  • 40 proven tactics to get more leads.
  • 20 powerful tactics for boosting conversion rates.
  • 14 amazingly simple tactics for increasing customer transaction values.
  • 15 ‘magnetic’ tactics for increasing the frequency of purchase.
  • 12 easy to apply tactics for increasing the number of referrals.
  • 21 ingenious ways of improving gross profit margin.
  • 11 incredible tactics for increasing the length of time customers keeping buying from you.
  • 21 business growth principles, each capable of catapulting your sales and profit to levels you can’t even imagine.
  • A simple to use ‘Workbook’ to make the whole Program very easy to apply and ensures you’re right on track.
  • A brilliant A,B,C type Program (never revealed before) for creating sales letters and ads that bring in customers by the truckload.
  • How to use “Niche Marketing” to get a large slice of the cake!
  • How to stand out from the crowd and get prospects to come to you by developing your “Customer Focused Value Proposition.”

This one technique is often enough to turn your business around, or propel it further forward! Plus access to our Value proposition Generator documents from a highly reputable colleague.

  • How to create a “Risk Reversal Strategy” that makes it virtually impossible for your prospects to say “no.” You’ll get more customers than you thought possible just from this little known “secret”.
  • How to get high-quality testimonials that get results and convince the prospect you can deliver on your promises. I’m sure you know the value of using testimonials – most people do.

However, do you use them? And are your testimonials missing the key ingredient that makes the difference?

Xtreme Business Program

  • Putting in place your Sales Conversion Program, the truly amazing Program that will multiply your success
  • The simple 6 stage “Selling Without Fear Sales Appointment.”

Even if you “hate” selling and many people do – this proven process may not get you to enjoy selling fully – but I guarantee you’ll be much more successful!

  • How to get incredible results with your quotations and estimates.

Use our secret weapon to ensure you get the order.

  • Using a “Sales Conversion Letter” after your meetings and phone calls, to secure the business.
  • Using “Follow Up” to convert even more prospects and enquiries into clients. Believe me, you’ll be staggered at the difference this makes.
  • How to run your sales and marketing Program on “autopilot” – even the busiest person can skyrocket his or her business.
  • How to uncover hidden profits in your business – amazing letter shows you how – you just fill-in-the-blanks.

And much, much more!

Every one of the tactics mentioned above are AUTOMATICALLY included in the Xtreme Business Program.

Better still, you are guided through each strategy step-by-step to ensure you get the best results possible.

By the way, it doesn’t matter whether you have a formidable competitor right next door or across the street. Or a “price slasher” on your doorstep.

None of that matters.

The Xtreme Business Program will reveal how you can quickly, easily and consistently grow your business with massive increases in profits.

I imagine you have a few questions. Let me answer the most common ones. If one doesn’t interest you, just skip ahead to the next one…


“How Easy Is It To Apply The Whole Program Into My Business?”

We’ve purposely tried throughout this report to emphasise the simplicity of the Xtreme Business Program.

We really have developed a very easy to use method of creating your own highly successful sales and marketing machine. You just have to follow the simple steps and within no time you’ve got your own effective business building machine, consistently bringing in cash and new customers.

You don’t need any sales and marketing expertise. None. You just need to take action. Before you know it people will be thinking you’re a sales and marketing genius – and you will be, you just never thought it would be so easy!

“Does It Cost A Lot Of Money To Put In Place The Xtreme Business Program  And The Tactics Included In It?”

Putting in place your own Program costs you absolutely nothing at all. Zilch.

All you have to do is put aside a few hours each week for 3 months putting Your own Program in place.

Furthermore, all of the 133 proven tactics and 21 business building principles are low or no cost.

It really doesn’t matter what position your business is in.

The great news is you can make almost instant improvements without any cost.

That’s one of the major benefits of the Xtreme  Business Program.

The only way the Xtreme Business Program won’t work for you is if you are “narrow-minded”, and unwilling to look outside your own past experiences, and therefore refuse to dedicate a small amount of time to it.

“How Long Will It Take To See Results?”

This is totally dependent on you. You can put your own Program in place in a couple of weeks or a couple of months. It depends how quickly you need to get results.

The effects are IMMEDIATE as soon as you start to activate each strategy – one by one.

Plus…    We also have 8 ingenious ‘Fast Cash Strategies’ that will bring you an instant surge in cash within 48 hours. As you’d expect these have also been rigorously tested and can be universally applied.

These are available as one of our ‘Early Bird Bonuses’ (please see page 70 of Volume 1).

What I will say is that within 3 or 4 months you won’t be able to recognise your business.

You’ll transform it into a money-making machine to the bewilderment of everyone around you!

I know I’m making very bold claims, and I really don’t blame you for being sceptical, but you really can transform your business when you follow our program, and you can do it FAST.

Will It Work For MY Business?

The Xtreme  Business Program works for all types of businesses. That’s what it was created for. It doesn’t matter what product or service you sell, or where you operate. Or how large or small your business is. Or how severe the competition is. Or if you employ one or one thousand people. Or if your business is new or well established. NONE OF THIS MATTERS!

I know we all think our business is different to all others. But we’re wrong. Every business is similar to the next. They all need a constant supply of new customers, more money from existing customers, and the ability to sell the product or service at a profit – preferably a large profit. And we show you exactly how to do it!

“Can’t I Just Learn This Stuff Myself?  Why Should I Pay You?”

Sure you could figure all this out on your own – but no one else in our view has even come close to the Xtreme Business Program.

In any case, it’s taken the Xtreme Team over 35 years of combined effort to perfect the tactics in the program, working with dozens and dozens of businesses.


Why struggle and spend years trying to create an inferior model of the Xtreme Business Program?

Why spend tens of thousands of Rands  (like they have) testing different strategies to see what works best?

You see all the hard work is done for you.

We’ve assembled the most powerful, and comprehensive growth Program ever.

Better still… we’ve put it together in a logical step by step Program, so you don’t have to think about it.

You just start at “Page 1” and keep turning the pages. In fact, the Program is almost “foolproof.”

You just need two skills: The ability to read, and the ability to write.

I know this sounds silly, but that’s truly all you need.

I’m taking for granted your product or service is half-decent. And there’s nothing more to it!

“Okay, How Do I Get The Xtreme  Business Program And All These Proven tactics, And Put Them To Work For Me?”

Here’s what you get with the Xtreme Business Strategies Program…

  1. Xtreme Manual 1 (220 pages) – The step by step guide to help you create an effective lead generation program that attracts prospects to you like a magnet.

Ensure you generate all the leads and enquiries you can handle and set them up ready to be converted into orders! Includes the 21 business building principles!

This huge manual details the key stages and steps you need to take to never worry about where the next lead is coming from. You’ll get step by step instructions on how to implement each stage, along with numerous real-life examples and fill-in-the-blank templates.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to create this first stage of your own highly successful Program. In no time at all your lead generation Program will be up and running, and you’ll start to see the amazing results.

  1. Xtreme Manual 2 (154 pages) – a Simple step-by-step guide to help you create the following powerful Programs…
  • Sales conversion Program.
  • Program for increasing customer transaction values.
  • Program for increasing the frequency of purchase.
  • Program for increasing the number of referrals.
  • Program for improving gross profit margin.
  • Program for increasing the length of time customers keeping buying from you.

This is the ‘heart’ of the Xtreme  Business Program. As soon as you’ve applied these Programs to your business you’re firmly on your way to success!

  1. Xtreme Manual 3 (90 pages) – the 133 tactics and action points that can revolutionise your business

This is where you can select the tactics for each Xtreme Key listed above. Of course when you combine the tactics with the principles and the Programs you’ve set up this is what gives you the exponential growth I mentioned earlier!

Follow the steps. Follow the stages. Look at the working examples. Fill-in-the-blanks. Out pops a money making ad or sales letter. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Millions of pounds have been generated following this simple Program. Now it’s your turn!

  1. Xtreme Manual 4

We are adding 12 E-Books from CopyBlogger on how to write Headlines, Content and so on. All of this is the latest from the best writers on the Internet and it has an amazing section on writing content and killer headlines.

The Workbook is designed to help you practice what Copyblogger has put together for us.

  1. Xtreme Workbooks – Each Manual comes with a unique Workbook that helps guide you through each step ensuring the best possible results!

We all need a simple plan to be more effective. The Workbooks act as your roadmap to success. You’ll use the Workbooks to create your own powerful money-making Program, and you’ll find them an invaluable aid.

And the Price?

Well, we have a  number of affordable options for You.

  1. Electronic Version. 

1.1 R26,000,  including the Introductory Meeting (R6000 – 4hrs)  setting up the program with you.

1.2. R20,000 No introductory meeting. Follow the Modules, step by step, on Your own. Payable in three instalments.

1.2.1 Module 1 and workbook. R9,500.00

1.2.2 Module 2 and Workbook. R6,600.00

1.2.3 Module 3 and Module 4 with Workbook. R3,900.00

  1. Printed Version.

2.1 R35,000 no mentoring (almost 1000 pages), payable over 3 months. You get a new manual and Workbook each month.

2.1.1 Module 1 and Workbook. R16,600.00

2.1.2 Module 2 and Workbook. R11,600.00

2.1.3 Module 3 and 4 and Workbooks. R6,800.00

3.0 Printed Version with Mentoring.

3.2. R 63,000.  This includes a 3 month mentoring program.

3.2.1 Module 1 and workbook. R 29, 900.00

3.2.2 Module 2 and workbook. R 20,909.00

3.2.3  Module 3 and 4 and workbooks. R 12,191.00

SO… We have worked everything out below our development costs as an Introductory offer.


We also have a Paypal option using your credit card which converts to Rands.

Just a few more orders, you wouldn’t get otherwise,  pays back this entire investment.

Should we charge more? Probably.

We intend to. But for now, during our New Client Drive, You can have the Xtreme Business Program for this low investment.

What do you have to gain?

Everything. Once you start using the Xtreme Business Program you’ll get a constant supply of new leads.

You’ll get more orders and customers.

You won’t have to compete on price or fees ever again. And you’ll increase your profits. You’ll start enjoying your business again – it may even be fun and exciting.

But the bottom line is you’ll create the freedom to choose how you want to live your life.

What more could you ask for? Isn’t that what we’re all in business for? Isn’t that what you want?

You can get all this. Right now.

Easy.  Just Send an email to requesting an appointment to discuss implement the Xtreme  Business Program.

Gloria will correspond with You by setting this up for May 2018, on a date and time suitable for you. We are so booked up from  implementing this program already.

So Please don’t delay!


This is a positive decision you’ll be very glad you made.


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Contact Us.




Kind regards                                                       

Dr Michael. J. Freestone.


P.S      Just think for a moment – How many orders do you need to cover this  investment?         

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Eight tell tale signs of a declining business. tell tale signs of a declining business.

Check out these Eight tell tale signs of a declining business.

If you’re still uncertain that Your business is in serious trouble, then pay attention to the following Eight telltale signs of a declining business

1. Low sales.

The first, and most obvious, sign that your business is sinking is low sales. This could either be lower than expected projections or a decrease in sales than the previous quarter. Your business can’t succeed without a steady income to pay all of your expenses. tell tale signs of a declining business.

When you notice that there’s a sudden decrease in sales, you need to diagnose the problem. Begin by surveying your employees and customers, conducting a competitive analysis and examining the outside environment, like societal changes or natural disasters. 

This should give you a better understanding of why there’s a decline in sales and if there will be a turnaround. If it doesn’t seem likely the industry or your business can turn things around, then it’s rather clear that your business is in trouble so make sure you check ut the rest of the Eight tell tale signs of a declining business.

2. You can’t remember the last time you spoke to a client.

Customer service reps aren’t the only ones talking to your customers. Even as a founder and CEO, it’s your responsibility to talk to your potential or existing customers to understand their needs and how to improve your business. It’s a trick that everyone from Sam Walton to Slack’s Stewart Butterfield have relied on.

It’s another troubling sign for your business if you can’t remember the last time that you spoke to a customer. Either you’re not actively engaging them or they just don’t have an interest in your products or services anymore.

Eight tell tale signs of a declining business.

3. No one is talking about your business.

This almost goes hand-in-hand with the previous point. Something is wrong if no one is mentioning you on social media, leaving reviews or getting in touch with customer service reps. It’s either because you’re not interacting with your audience or they simply don’t care about your business.

Make an effort to reach out to your customers by asking them to leave reviews and boosting your engagement on social media. If there’s still silence, then that might not be enough to save your business. I personally blog about whatever it is that is trending, a lot, to attract people to my company. It helps!

Eight tell tale signs of a declining business.

4. You regularly question your motives.

We all have moments where we ask questions like “Why am I doing this?” or blurting out statements like “I can’t take this anymore.” That’s normal during the entrepreneurial journey. However, if that mentality is becoming more and more frequent than it’s time to move on from your business.

Eight telltale signs of a declining business.

5. There’s nothing unique about your business.

Your business needs to stand-out from your competitors. Take a moment and jot down all of the characteristics of your business, products and services, then compare it with the others within your industry. If you’re different from your top competitors, then you have a competitive edge you can use to your advantage. tell tale signs of a declining business.

If not, you can be certain that your business won’t stand the test of time. Either find something that makes you unique or, find an industry where you can differentiate yourself.

6. Complacency.

Blockbuster is the poster child for business failures in recent history. The main reason that the company went kaput was it failed to acknowledge that its customers wanted something different. Instead of driving to their local Blockbuster and paying hefty late fees, people enjoyed having Netflix deliver or stream movies. Reportedly, Netflix executives offered a partnership with Blockbuster around 2000 but were laughed out of the office by Blockbuster execs.

In short, complacency was Blockbuster’s demise.

If you’re sitting there wondering why your business is in danger, ask yourself when was the last time that your business introduced something new into the market?

7. Employee turnover and hiring turnovers.

Sometimes your employees realize that there’s a problem before you do. Whether it’s as obvious as not getting paid, or subtler like no longer believing in your business or frustration with management, you need to get to the root cause of high employee turnover.

It costs more money to hire and train new employees than to retain the employees that you currently have. Things can get real tricky when you don’t have the budget to replace those employees. That means that you’re expecting your already frustrated and overworked staff to do more work for you. How much longer do you think they’ll put up with that? It’s a vicious cycle that can ultimately bury your business. So don’t ignore the  Eight tell tale signs of a declining business.


8. There are serious cash flow struggles.

Cash flow is the money that is coming in and out of your business. It’s generally accepted that if you want your business to survive it has to have a positive cash flow, which means that you’re bringing in enough money to manage all of your expenses.

If you’re having cash flow problems due to debts, poor bookkeeping, growing too quickly, and not accurately forecasting your future earning and spending, then there’s one of the most obvious warning signs that your company is going under. If not correctly dealt with, don’t expect to keep your business open very much longer. So ensure that you take the Eight tell tale signs of a declining business to heart. We can help.

Eight tell tale signs of a declining business.

Don’t let your business sink beneath the waves due to the Eight tell tale signs of a declining business. .. tell tale signs of a declining business.

So if this is where you are heading you will need a complete makeover. Starting with Marketing and then……

Eight tell tale signs of a declining business.

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To Stay Young, Kill Zombie Cells

To Stay Young, Kill Zombie Cells as an An anti-aging strategy that works in mice is about to be tested in humans.

Jan van Deursen was baffled by the decrepit-looking transgenic mice he created in 2000. Instead of developing tumours as expected, the mice experienced a stranger malady. By the time they were three months old, their fur had grown thin and their eyes were glazed with cataracts. It took him years to work out why: the mice were ageing rapidly, their bodies clogged with a strange type of cell that did not divide, but that wouldn’t die.

That gave van Deursen and his colleagues at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, an idea: could killing off these ‘zombie’ cells in the mice delay their premature descent into old age? The answer was yes. In a 2011 study, the team found that eliminating these ‘senescent’ cells forestalled many of the ravages of age. The discovery set off a spate of similar findings. In the seven years since, dozens of experiments have confirmed that senescent cells accumulate in ageing organs, and that eliminating them can alleviate, or even prevent, certain illnesses (see ‘Becoming undead’). This year alone, clearing the cells in mice has been shown to restore fitness, fur density and kidney function. It has also improved lung disease and even mended damaged cartilage. And in a 2016 study, it seemed to extend the lifespan of normally ageing mice.

“Just by removing senescent cells, you could stimulate new tissue production,” says Jennifer Elisseeff, senior author of the cartilage paper and a biomedical engineer at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. It jump-starts some of the tissue’s natural repair mechanisms, she says.

To Stay Young, Kill Zombie Cells

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This anti-ageing phenomenon has been an unexpected twist in the study of senescent cells, a common, non-dividing cell type first described more than five decades ago. When a cell enters senescence—and almost all cells have the potential to do so—it stops producing copies of itself, begins to belch out hundreds of proteins, and cranks up anti-death pathways full blast. A senescent cell is in its twilight: not quite dead, but not dividing as it did at its peak.

Now biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are keen to test drugs—known as senolytics—that kill senescent cells in the hope of rolling back, or at least forestalling, the ravages of age. Unity Biotechnology in San Francisco, California, co-founded by van Deursen, plans to conduct multiple clinical trials over the next two-and-a-half years, treating people with osteoarthritis, eye diseases and pulmonary diseases. At Mayo, gerontologist James Kirkland, who took part in the 2011 study, is cautiously beginning a handful of small, proof-of-concept trials that pit senolytic drugs against a range of age-related ailments. “I lose sleep at night because these things always look good in mice or rats, but when you get to people you hit a brick wall,” says Kirkland.

No other anti-ageing elixir has yet cleared that wall, and for a few good reasons. It’s next to impossible to get funding for clinical trials that measure an increase in healthy lifespan. And even as a concept, ageing is slippery. The US Food and Drug Administration has not labelled it a condition in need of treatment.


Still, if any of the trials offer “a whiff of human efficacy”, says Unity’s president, Ned David, there will be a massive push to develop treatments and to better understand the fundamental process of ageing. Other researchers who study the process are watching closely. Senolytics are “absolutely ready” for clinical trials, says Nir Barzilai, director of the Institute for Aging Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. “I think senolytics are drugs that could come soon and be effective in the elderly now, even in the next few years.”

Credit: Nature, October 24, 2017, doi:10.1038/550448a

To Stay Young, Kill Zombie Cells


When microbiologists Leonard Hayflick and Paul Moorhead coined the term senescence in 1961, they suggested that it represented ageing on a cellular level. But very little research was done on ageing at the time, and Hayflick recalls people calling him an idiot for making the observation. The idea was ignored for decades.

Although many cells do die on their own, all somatic cells (those other than reproductive ones) that divide have the ability to undergo senescence. But, for a long time, these twilight cells were simply a curiosity, says Manuel Serrano of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Barcelona, Spain, who has studied senescence for more than 25 years. “We were not sure if they were doing something important.” Despite self-disabling the ability to replicate, senescent cells stay metabolically active, often continuing to perform basic cellular functions.

By the mid-2000s, senescence was chiefly understood as a way of arresting the growth of damaged cells to suppress tumours. Today, researchers continue to study how senescence arises in development and disease. They know that when a cell becomes mutated or injured, it often stops dividing—to avoid passing that damage to daughter cells. Senescent cells have also been identified in the placenta and embryo, where they seem to guide the formation of temporary structures before being cleared out by other cells.

But it wasn’t long before researchers discovered what molecular biologist Judith Campisi calls the “dark side” of senescence. In 2008, three research groups, including Campisi’s at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in Novato, California, revealed that senescent cells excrete a glut of molecules—including cytokines, growth factors and proteases—that affect the function of nearby cells and incite local inflammation. Campisi’s group described this activity as the cell’s senescence-associated secretory phenotype, or SASP. In recent unpublished work, her team identified hundreds of proteins involved in SASPs.

In young, healthy tissue, says Serrano, these secretions are probably part of a restorative process, by which damaged cells stimulate repair in nearby tissues and emit a distress signal prompting the immune system to eliminate them. Yet at some point, senescent cells begin to accumulate—a process linked to problems such as osteoarthritis, a chronic inflammation of the joints, and atherosclerosis, a hardening of the arteries. No one is quite sure when or why that happens. It has been suggested that, over time, the immune system stops responding to the cells.

Surprisingly, senescent cells turn out to be slightly different in each tissue. They secrete different cytokines, express different extracellular proteins and use different tactics to avoid death. That incredible variety has made it a challenge for labs to detect and visualize senescent cells. “There is nothing definitive about a senescent cell. Nothing. Period,” says Campisi.

In fact, even the defining feature of a senescent cell—that it does not divide—is not written in stone. After chemotherapy, for example, cells take up to two weeks to become senescent, before reverting at some later point to a proliferating, cancerous state, says Hayley McDaid, a pharmacologist at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In support of that idea, a large collaboration of researchers found this year that removing senescent cells right after chemotherapy, in mouse models for skin and breast cancer, makes the cancer less likely to spread.

The lack of universal features makes it hard to take inventory of senescent cells. Researchers have to use a large panel of markers to search for them in tissue, making the work laborious and expensive, says van Deursen. A universal marker for senescence would make the job much easier—but researchers know of no specific protein to label, or process to identify. “My money would be on us never finding a senescent-specific marker,” Campisi adds. “I would bet a good bottle of wine on that.”

Earlier this year, however, one group did develop a way to count these cells in tissue. Valery Krizhanovsky and his colleagues at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, stained tissues for molecular markers of senescence and imaged them to analyse the number of senescent cells in tumours and aged tissues from mice. “There were quite a few more cells than I actually thought that we would find,” says Krizhanovsky. In young mice, no more than 1% of cells in any given organ were senescent. In two-year-old mice, however, up to 20% of cells were senescent in some organs.

But there’s a silver lining to these elusive twilight cells: they might be hard to find, but they’re easy to kill.


In November 2011, while on a three-hour flight, David read van Deursen and Kirkland’s just-published paper about eliminating zombie cells. Then he read it again, and then a third time. The idea “was so simple and beautiful”, recalls David. “It was almost poetic.” When the flight landed, David, a serial biotech entrepreneur, immediately rang van Deursen, and within 72 hours had convinced him to meet to discuss forming an anti-ageing company.

Kirkland, together with collaborators at the Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute in La Jolla, California, initially attempted a high-throughput screen to quickly identify a compound that would kill senescent cells. But they found it to be “a monumental task” to tell whether a drug was affecting dividing or non-dividing cells, Kirkland recalls. After several failed attempts, he took another tack.

Senescent cells depend on protective mechanisms to survive in their ‘undead’ state, so Kirkland, in collaboration with Laura Niedernhofer and others from the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, Florida, began seeking out those mechanisms. They identified six signalling pathways that prevent cell death, which senescent cells activate to survive.

Then it was just a matter of finding compounds that would disrupt those pathways. In early 2015, the team identified the first senolytics: an FDA-approved chemotherapy drug, dasatinib, which eliminates human fat-cell progenitors that have turned senescent; and a plant-derived health-food supplement, quercetin, which targets senescent human endothelial cells, among other cell types. The combination of the two—which work better together than apart—alleviates a range of age-related disorders in mice.

Ten months later, Daohong Zhou at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock and his colleagues identified a senolytic compound now known as navitoclax, which inhibits two proteins in the BCL-2 family that usually help the cells to survive. Similar findings were reported within weeks by Kirkland’s lab and Krizhanovsky’s lab.

By now, 14 senolytics have been described in the literature, including small molecules, antibodies and, in March this year, a peptide that activates a cell-death pathway and can restore lustrous hair and physical fitness to ageing mice.

So far, each senolytic kills a particular flavour of senescent cell. Targeting the different diseases of ageing, therefore, will require multiple types of senolytics. “That’s what’s going to make this difficult: each senescent cell might have a different way to protect itself, so we’ll have to find combinations of drugs to wipe them all out,” says Niedernhofer. Unity maintains a large atlas documenting which senescent cells are associated with which disease; any weaknesses unique to given kinds of cell, and how to exploit those flaws; and the chemistry required to build the right drug for a particular tissue. There is no doubt that for different indications, different types of drug will need to be developed, says David. “In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to. But sadly, biology did not get that memo.”

For all the challenges, senolytic drugs have several attractive qualities. Senescent cells will probably need to be cleared only periodically—say, once a year—to prevent or delay disease. So the drug is around for only a short time. This type of ‘hit and run’ delivery could reduce the chance of side effects, and people could take the drugs during periods of good health. Unity plans to inject the compounds directly into diseased tissue, such as a knee joint in the case of osteoarthritis, or the back of the eye for someone with age-related macular degeneration.

And unlike cancer, in which a single remaining cell can spark a new tumour, there’s no need to kill every senescent cell in a tissue: mouse studies suggest that dispatching most of them is enough to make a difference. Finally, senolytic drugs will clear only senescent cells that are already present—they won’t prevent the formation of such cells in the future, which means that senescence can continue to perform its original tumour-suppressing role in the body.

Those perks haven’t convinced everybody of the power of senolytics. Almost 60 years after his initial discovery, Hayflick now believes that ageing is an inexorable biophysical process that cannot be altered by eliminating senescent cells. “Efforts to interfere with the ageing process have been going on since recorded human history,” says Hayflick. “And we know of nothing—nothing—that has demonstrated to interfere with the ageing process.”

Fans of senolytics are much more optimistic, emboldened by recent results. Last year, van Deursen’s lab went beyond its tests on super-aged mice and showed that killing off senescent cells in normally ageing mice delayed the deterioration of organs associated with ageing, including the kidney and heart. And—to the joy of anti-ageing enthusiasts everywhere—it extended the animals’ median lifespan by about 25%.

Successful results from mouse studies have already lured seven or eight companies into the field, Kirkland estimates. At Mayo, one clinical trial has opened, pitting dasatinib and quercetin in combination against chronic kidney disease. Kirkland plans to try other senolytics against different age-related diseases. “We want to use more than one set of agents across the trials and look at more than one condition,” he says.

If eliminating senescent cells in humans does improve age-related illnesses, researchers will aim to create broader anti-ageing therapies, says David. In the meantime, researchers in the field insist that no one should take these drugs until proper safety tests in humans are complete. In rodents, senolytic compounds have been shown to delay wound healing, and there could be additional side effects. “It’s just too dangerous,” says Kirkland.

Van Deursen says that continuing to answer basic biological questions is the field’s best shot at success. “Only then will we be able to understand what ageing really is, and how we can, in an intelligent way, interfere with it.”

This article is reproduced with permission and wasfirst publishedon October 24, 2017.


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