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https://www.interco.mjfgroup.biz/logoWe have been empowering people like you, a discerning thinker, since 2004, when we began training using our proprietary courses.

About Us

Just a little about us and the courses……

These courses have been the brainchild of our Dr Michael J freestone who drew up the framework during his 22 years of working with Anglo American in just about every Industry sector you could think up He has worked with small startups, n fact over 400 of them, who had their business and marketing plans drawn up by him. He is a Senior IDC Expert in South Africa appointed by the Minister of Trade and Industry. He was the personal financial advisor to the President of Malawi and an executive director in many not for profit organisations.

About Us

https://www.interco.mjfgroup.biz/iba/contactusHe is past Chair of the Institute of Business Advisors and is a life executive of IIB, Watford, who trained him in 2004 to become a Professional Business Advisor. In 2010 he won the prestigious international award for being the best due Diligence provider in Africa; an award he competed with and beat the big five Auditing and Financial firms in Africa.

He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators  (UK) and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Business Managers (UK).

He has been a Director of various Chambers of Commerce all over the World.

He recently was appointed as a Small business advisor by S0EFA.

About Us

He brings his skills, experiences and education to us in order to help you improve your own skill sets for life, and in addition, he runs a Multi-Disciplinary Development program helping SME’s grow their businesses by up to 179% over a three-year program.

So again, welcome to Interco Development and Training.

We hope you enjoy your journey with us.

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