Welcome to our daily post today on Branding. Today SAY OF THE DAY “Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless.” – Mary Kay Ash Branding Why Entrepreneurs Need to Create Their Own Brands At some point in your career, someone has probably talked to you about how to brand yourself, how personal branding is this incredibly important thing that everyone is doing these days, how, if you’ve built a business and are trying to grow, it’s not something you can ignore. Or is it? Personal branding, just like regular branding, is something that’s often completely out of your control. If you’re trying to brand yourself as something you’re not, it’s very difficult, if not impossible. And, when you’re already running a business and busy with the day-to-day grind, when you’re associated heavily with the business you run, it often can seem like a waste of time to focus on personal branding. But personal branding isn’t just about getting a logo, a business card, and a fancy email header – it’s about who you are, what you do, how you do it, and the business that you run, and it can be a valuable tool to generate new leads and to close sales. Jeff Bezos famously said that your brand is “What people say about you when you’re not in the room,” meaning that, for all your intentions, for all the work and effort you put into trying to brand yourself as a particular thing, what ends (more…)

Business Diagnostic
Business Diagnostic Welcome to our Business Diagnostics Page. You have been brought here as you have expressed a wish to purchase the Business Diagnostic Suite of two products at a massive discount of 75% off the normal price. Business Development Review.  Focussed Business Review   The questions raised in each of the diagnostics. include the sections below. Each has sub sections with scoring questons. The results of your scores is presented in a report.: Strategy and Vision Financial Strength  Sales and Cost Control Resources Research and Development New Products and Processes. Marketing Customers Quality & Continuous Improvement Environment Communication. Training and Development Management Effectiveness Regulations. Th results of the questions uncover critical areas in your business which require attention. In the report you receive you will get url links to help sites that give a tutorial or webinar with a method needed to fix the problem We have been assisting CEO’s to implement the results for 14 years and many have grown their businesses by up to 179% in a single year.   If you wish to purchase the Business Diagnostic Suite of two products offered for February 2018 at our special  discount price of £ 25 [To get the process going so I can send you the online links please click on the PayPal button, make payment and get directed to the first link. Once you have paid you will be directed to the link site. register for the first time before going directly to the question sets. Follow the (more…)

The Five Top Trends That Will Shape Influencer Marketing in 2018

Welcome to The Five Top Trends That Will Shape Influencer Marketing in 2018. I was reading a MArketingprofs post written by Ismael El-Qudsi, called The Five Top Trends That Will Shape Influencer Marketing in 2018.The article was found to be extremely interesting and have decide to let my network have a look in case they miss it. I also wish to remind any Marketer to join Marketingprofs as they provide   many of these articles weekly. In 2017, influencer marketing successfully made the transition from being considered a passing fad to being allotted a well-deserved place in the modern marketing mix. Interest in the topic increased 90-fold from 2013. The success of influencer marketing lies in being able to break through the noise and content saturation in today’s digital environments by harnessing the voices of trusted opinion leaders to spread a brand’s message to the intended audience in the most authentic and natural way possible. As we enter 2018, influencer marketing will continue to rapidly evolve both as the brands already using it look for ways to maximize the impact of their collaborations and as other brands give in to “peer pressure” and try it for the first time. Here are five influencer marketing trends to look for in the new year. 1. A Sizable Shift to Influencer Marketing In 2018, ad spending for brands will continue to shift from print and broadcast to digital and social media, and a considerable portion of marketing budgets will be allocated to influencers. Influencer marketing will (more…)

Focussed Business Review

 Focused Business Diagnostic How focused is your business model? What is your ability to change, innovate and adapt to a changing business environment? Area   Please be honest with your answers in order to obtain an accurate assessment of your business. You may find it useful to complete the assessment with a group of employees, or to ask individuals to complete the assessment themselves and compare your responses. This will show you the varying perceptions of the business. Category   Focused business model (Business Model) Explanation:  Assess the ability to efficiently and effectively deliver a focused business model Questions 1.  We have a clearly defined vision for the business based on knowledge of what the customer wants. Best Practice Example: A leading branded company in the food and drink sector has the vision of becoming number one brand in its markets. It is focused on maintaining brand awareness and perception of quality and this is at the core of all decision making in the business. Question Cut-off (out of 3): 2 Guidelines 1    Disagree 2 To some extent 3     Agree Action Need To: Vision and value proposition Suggested Action: Define a clear vision for the business based on knowledge of what the customer wants Strength: Blank Web Search: Blank URL: Title: Visual strategy 2.  We have a deliberate strategy to achieve this vision which is supported by an appropriate operating model. Best Practice Example: The business has a rolling strategy 3 years ahead that is focused on achieving the vision of the business. It (more…)

Xtreme Business Program

Xtreme Business Program “How to EXPLODE Your Sales and Profits, Get Customers by The Bucketful, And Keep Them Coming Back for More” At last! A Simple Step by Step Sales and Marketing Program. That Anyone Can Apply to Their Business – No Matter What Your Experience. No Matter What Product or Service You Sell, And No Matter How Fierce the Competition Is… The Xtreme Business Program© is the first program of its kind that acts as your personal mentor. And fast tracks you and your business to reach your goals and aspirations. You, yes you, can do it when you follow this “paint-by-numbers” Program… Do not lose Your Business because you did not read this report.       Hi, my name is Dr Michael John Freestone. My contacts call me Michael and my friends call me Doc. I’m a Marketing Professional, Performance Improvement Specialist, with an Advanced Digital Marketing Diploma and a Master of Business Administration In Marketing and a Doctorate in Business Administration passed summa cum laude, with a Distinction in Business Finance. My team and I use a very successful, almost foolproof Program to grow any small or medium-sized business. Enough about me. This is all about You. In your heart, you know you have a good business. That’s important. You know you can help people solve their problems. You feel you deserve to be making more money – after all other people can do it – why not you? Unfortunately, having a good product or service simply isn’t enough to guarantee your success. In (more…)


SAY OF THE DAY “You can’t ask customers what they want… By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.” – Steve Jobs   IN THE NEWS 4 Ways To Keep Your Website From Getting Hacked First line of network security is your staff.   4 Ways To Keep Your Website From Getting Hacked Small businesses are especially vulnerable to hacking because they usually lack the technology expertise and site security that larger companies have. They also suffer more if their lack of expertise slows repairs and their ability to get back to work. Business owners can lose significant online traffic and sales if their site lands on blacklists operated by Google and other search engines. Hackers are constantly breaking into innocent websites and using them to infect visitors with malware, lure them to dodgy sites and infiltrate databases to grab sensitive customer information. But you can avoid trouble — or eliminate it quickly — by taking some relatively simple steps. Here’s how to get started: 1) Keep your software up to date. Hackers aggressively target security flaws in popular Web software such as content management systems and blogging programs so they can attack websites en masse. Stay out of the line of fire by using the latest versions of software and applying security patches promptly. 2) Use strong passwords and keep them safe. Using strong passwords is crucial because hackers frequently attempt to crack or steal passwords for web software and FTP servers, which are computers that use the (more…)

Are we doing enough to support small business growth?
Are we doing enough to support small business growth? Brad Rosser, Non-Executive Chairman, Xref, does not believe the UK Government has a well-orchestrated plan for ongoing small business support. By Brad Rosser March 1, 2018 12:23 GMT     Pick up a batch of today’s newspapers and you’ll see divided opinions on the state and future health of UK plc like we’ve never experienced before. Personally, I think the views of the 100 leading economists who took part in the latest Financial Times annual predictions survey bear the most weight. They project growth to slow further still, to around 1.5 per cent in 2018, with business investment to remain on hold, interest rates to nudge up and consumers to curb spending as the uncertainty of Brexit continues to loom large. But, whatever opinion you choose to trust, it’s fair to say it’s hardly the ideal environment for start-ups to prosper and hatch into high growth businesses. What Support Network Does the UK Provide? Although the UK scores high in the OECD global ranking for number of start-ups created, it sits outside the top ten when it comes to fostering businesses that grow into established, medium-sized companies. This should be a red flag to any Government. It’s essential for a country’s start-up scene to be successful, given these companies represent a critical component of short-term economic success and will ultimately form the future business ecosystem. The UK Government has tried to implement a network of support services, such as the British Business Bank – (more…)

Four Dangerous Traps Online Marketers Must Avoid

by Mateusz Sobieraj  |  With Compliments of Marketing Profs and excellent source of professional Marketing Content. Join them today. – NO I am not an affiliate but a very happy 14 year user of their products as a Premium and Free Member. The abundance of new technologies and powerful opportunities in marketing can get overwhelming for a marketer. How in the world could you not feel lost in the jungle of solutions at your disposal? And if you use an agency, how can you know that it’s truly benefiting your company? Having conducted or supervised more than 900 digital campaigns, I’ve come across several dangerous traps that are initially hard to spot. This article will point out the four most common. 1. Don’t let the CTR deceive you  One of the most frequently used indicators of the effectiveness of online advertising is the clickthrough rate (CTR), the ratio of the number of clicks on an ad to the number of views. Imagine attractive advertising formats, beautiful graphics, and strong CTAs encouraging taking action. A customer clicks on the ad and lands on a website. But there’s a problem: The page is not consistent with the creative’s visual design, or the user is flooded with all kinds of information instead of with the information promised in the ad. The result: the visitor abandons the website, and the campaign results end up being far from satisfactory. Tip: It is important to focus not only on the aesthetics of the ad’s design but also on the (more…)

Eight tell tale signs of a declining business. tell tale signs of a declining business.
Check out these Eight tell tale signs of a declining business. If you’re still uncertain that Your business is in serious trouble, then pay attention to the following Eight telltale signs of a declining business 1. Low sales. The first, and most obvious, sign that your business is sinking is low sales. This could either be lower than expected projections or a decrease in sales than the previous quarter. Your business can’t succeed without a steady income to pay all of your expenses. When you notice that there’s a sudden decrease in sales, you need to diagnose the problem. Begin by surveying your employees and customers, conducting a competitive analysis and examining the outside environment, like societal changes or natural disasters.  This should give you a better understanding of why there’s a decline in sales and if there will be a turnaround. If it doesn’t seem likely the industry or your business can turn things around, then it’s rather clear that your business is in trouble so make sure you check ut the rest of the Eight tell tale signs of a declining business. 2. You can’t remember the last time you spoke to a client. Customer service reps aren’t the only ones talking to your customers. Even as a founder and CEO, it’s your responsibility to talk to your potential or existing customers to understand their needs and how to improve your business. It’s a trick that everyone from Sam Walton to Slack’s Stewart Butterfield have relied on. It’s another troubling sign for your (more…)

Training Events

Please download a List of our Training Event from our website. It is very detailed and gives a wealth of information. Venue All our Courses are held at K2 Bond Street. 44 Bond Street Hull. HU13EN. The courses are to be subsidized by K2 who will provide the venue for under 25’s and    the selling price will be discounted by an amount shortly to be announced Dr Freestone has registered a Charity called BASS Business and SoftSkills Limited. BASS have begun requesting Grant Funding to train under 25’sin business and soft skills to get You market ready Course Supervision All courses are held under the direct supervision of Dr Michael J Freestone Dr Freestone began training professionally in April 2004 after a very long and diversified career with Anglo American and its associated companies, during which he wrote his proprietary range of 97 business and soft skill courses. He named the copyright company BASS, which stands for Business and Soft Skills, in remembrance of his Dad, Ray, who was an expert BASS fisherman. Doc, as he is commonly called, managed both small business in the £1 million to £79 million range and large-scale multinational… Full Profile for Doc Training Events What’s Included? Instruction by an expert facilitator Small, interactive classes Specialized manual and course materials, online and hardcopy. Personalized certificate of completion Get free products which are different with each course. DownLoad our Training Brochure For any Enquiries please contact us. Contact Us. Name(required) Email(required) Website Message Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens (more…)